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Vaccination The "Hidden" Facts

This book covers the 200 year history of vaccination, includes graphical evidence and statistics showing that vaccines never saved us, the true reasons for the decline in death rates from infectious disease, scientific evidence on the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines, the fallacy of the germ theory and the true causes of childhood infection and its beneficial nature. Includes natural health philosophy and its approach to the prevention and treatment of childhood illness.

Chapter 1 - Did Vaccines Really Save Us? Chapter 2 - The True Reasons for the Decline in Infectious Disease. Chapter 3 - Vaccines - How Safe and Effective? Chapter 4 - Vaccination Condemned. Chapter 5 - The Vaccination Theory - Fact or Fallacy. Chapter 6 - The Germ Theory Exposed. Chapter 7 - Toxaemia - The Basic Cause of Disease. Chapter 8 - The True Nature of Disease. Chapter 9 - Orthodox Medicine or Natural Health. Chapter 10 - The Case Against Vaccination. Chapter 11 - Why Vaccination Continues. Chapter 12 - Health - The Only Immunity.


"To immunize or not to immunize is a question that, today, is often asked. To answer is difficult. So much knowledge is required for even partial understanding that one would almost find it necessary to complete a university course in medicine before even the basic facts could be grasped logically. There is, therefore, a need for a comprehensive text on the subject. Ian Sinclair has filled that gap."
Dr Archie Kalokerinos, author of Every Second Child

"If I had to suggest one book to read on vaccination, this would be it. This book covers all the aspects of vaccination argument. It is easy to read, contains many quotes from doctors, and includes the results from many studies. Highly recommended reading!"

Duncan Roads, Nexus Magazine

"A brilliantly clear and simple assessment of the true effectiveness of vaccination……This book is invaluable for parents facing the difficult decision to vaccinate their children."
Roger French, Executive Director, Natural Health Australia

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Health The Only Immunity

The follow up to Vaccination The Hidden Facts, this small booklet, based upon natural health philosophy, offers a clear and simple explanation on how to prevent childhood illness and keep children in peak physical health all without drugs and vaccines. Also explains natural health philosophy on the causes and treatment of childhood illness and the reasons why vaccines are ineffective.


Chapter 1 - Understanding Health. Chapter 2 - The Laws of Health. Chapter 3 - The Hopewood Children. Chapter 4 - Understanding Sickness. Chapter 5 - Vaccination - What it's really about. Chapter 6 - Questions and Answers.


"A timely booklet which acts as a gateway to natural health philosophy for the pharmaceutically indoctrinated masses. Ian writes from the heart and his style of presenting information is easily palated."
Dr Samuel Pinkerton, D.C. Ireland

"Ian's philosophy is well overdue and a welcome change to a world dominated by medical thinking."
Dr Gerard Christian, B.Sc. D.C. Vic Australia

"I would highly recommend this one."
Editor, The Informed Parent, UK

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You Can Overcome Asthma

An asthma sufferer for 20 years, Ian overcame asthma after discovering and following the natural health pathway. This book explains the underlying causes of asthma and their relation to diet and lifestyle, the dangers of asthma drugs and their relation to asthma deaths, how the Food and Drug Industries control and influence our health care system, and an holistic approach to overcoming asthma.


Chapter 1 - The Diet Connection. Chapter 2 - The Offending Foods. Chapter 3 - The Food Industry and its Servants. Chapter 4 - Understand Your Body. Chapter 5 - The True Nature of Asthma. Chapter 6 - The Dangers of Drug Therapy. Chapter 7 - The Drug Industry - Saviours or Sorcerers? Chapter 8 - The Road to Health. Chapter 9 - Getting Started.


"This book should be read by everyone who suffers from asthma and the parents of children who suffer from this debilitating disorder."
Quest Book Distributors, Sydney, Australia

"This is an enlightening book by the same writer who brought us Vaccination The Hidden Facts. Ian Sinclair's style is clear and interesting, interspersed with philosophical notes and quotes and plenty of useful statistics. Whether you wish to fight asthma or corrupt vested interests, this book provides the ammunition."
Nexus Magazine, Qld, Australia

" This valuable book is so true to Natural Health we could have written it ourselves. Like many we have known the author was once a chronic asthma sufferer but is now completely free of asthma and all the medicines that go with it. This book is well written and fascinating reading, at times quite philosophical, being laced with quotes from people such as Herbert Shelton, Arnold Ehret, Albert Einstein and many others."
Natural Health Australia

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